vol.7 | 2011


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Editor’s Note

Julian Weideman: A Nation “Grows Up” – Children and Youth in the Algerian Revolution

Alexandra McCarter: Khrushchev’s Lampshade – a Bright Symbol for the Modern Soviet Home

Véronique Darwin: Expo 67 – An Image of Unity, An Image of Diversity

Mathieu Swiderski: Education as a Means to a Better Life in Communist China

Jon Neufeld: The Evolution of the Legal Concept of Piracy in Early Modern England

Amber McBride: Green Rise – The Changing Role of the Environment, the City, and the City of the Future

Anthony Wan: Chiang Kai-Shek’s Gamble in Shangahi, 1937

Karen Orr: Greenpeace and the Media – Direct Action, Bearing Witness, and Marshall McLuhan

Connor Cavanaugh: The Eichmann Aporia – Power/Knowledge and Transitional Jurisprudence Post-Nuremberg


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Editors-in-Chief: Allison McMahon & Gaby Yeung

Editorial Board: Jonathan Au, Yongo Ding, Ivelina Ivanova, David Lin, Allie McHugh, Allison McMahon, Mona Shoker, Mathieu Swiderski & Douglas Wong

Reviewers: Jenn Christie, Syed Muhammad bin Ismail, Aneil Parashar, Juliana Silva, Jenny Tsundu, Kajra Verma & Jialin Yang

Faculty Reviewers: Alejandra Bronfman, Jeffrey Byrne, Chris Friedrichs, Eagle Glassheim, Benjamin Isitt, Steven Lee, Jeffers Lennox, Bob McDonald, Carla Nappi, Leslie Paris, Glen Peterson, John Roosa, Arlene Sindelar, Coll Thrush & Danny Vickers

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