vol.5 | 2008


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Editor’s Note

Katherine Lyon: Uncovering the Gendered Nature of Natural Resource Conflicts in “Developing” Countries

Vanessa LeBlanc: Autumn 1918 – The Abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II & Germany’s Loss of the Great War

Aviva Levin: Prostitution in Nineteenth-century England

Kristian Jebsen: Germany’s Cultural Legacy

Andreea Ursu: The Last Call to Anarchy – Punk in England, 1976-1979

Jillian Carson: Strangers on Common Ground – Canadian First Nations’ Participation in WWII


About This Issue

Editor-in-Chief: Tim Burkhart

Assistant Editors: Sunny Bischel Beddow, Rachel Corder, Rachel Dreeben & Sierra Skye Gemma

Print Layout: Isabel Montoya

Cover Art: Rachel Corder & Barry Whitters

Special Thanks to: Dr. Michel Ducharme, Dr. Daniel Vickers, UBC History Department, History Students Association, Arts Undergraduate Society & Nancy Gallini, Dean of UBC’s Faculty of Arts

The Editors would like to especially thank the exceptional generousity of the Arts Undergraduate Society’s Dean’s Grant program without which this project could not have been possible.