vol.2 | 2005


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Editor’s Note

Chairman’s Note

Catherine J. Rose: A Secretly Sexualized Era – Pornography and Erotica in the 19th-century Anglo-American World

Louessa Newman: Red River 1859 – 1860 – Through the Eyes of a Nor’Wester

Catherine Caldwell: PACS-ing Up “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” – Homophobic Subtext and Republican Pretence in the French “Pacte Civile de Solidarité”

Robert Parungao: The Yellow Peril – Chinese Representations in Hollywood Films

Karl Segone: The Hall of Crooked Mirrors – An Inquiry into the Social Regulation of Consciousness

Stephanie Mooney: The Internationalization of Zapatismo

David Cooney: Political Anti-Semitism, Alfred Dreyfus, and Public Discourse

Sean Carleton: Canadian First Nations in the Early North American Fur Trade – A Comparative Analysis of Historical Textbook Interpretations


About This Issue

The 2005 issue of The Atlas Undergraduate Journal of World History was done in collaboration with Simon Fraser University.

Editor-in-Chiefs: Robert Parungao & Tara Williams

Assistant Editors: David Cooney, Ryan Cross, Shiori Fennessey, Kyle Franz, Milan Ilnyckyj, Laura Laverdure, Mischa Makortoff, Pam Muir, Danielle Newton, Matthew Ostrow, Shannon Rerie, Catherine Rose, Nicholas Thompson, Henry Trim & Bob Wilkins

Referees: Miguel Aviles-Galan, Judy Carroll, Dr. William French, Dr. Steven Lee, Dr. Robert MacDonald, Dr. Paige Raibmon, Dr. Arthur Ray, Dr. Peter Ward & Jason Young

Print Layout: Robert Parungao

Cover Art: Marc Acherman & Catherine Rose

Special Thanks to: History Students Association, History Students’ Union, UBC History Department, Simon Fraser Student Society, Dr. David Breen, Dr. Alejandra Bronfman, Dr. Richard Unger, Dr. Courtney Booker, Dr. Tim Brooks, Dr. Erik Kwakkel & Dr. Christopher Friedrichs


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