vol.1 | 2004


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2004 Editors Note

Marko Papic: Apology Not Accepted

Emily Webster: Surviving the Holocaust – An Analysis of the Female Experience

James Mutter: Japanese Society and the 1931 Invasion of Manchuria

Douglas Giles: The Main Library at the University of British Columbia

Laural Raine: Off-Side – Women, Hockey and the Gender Order in Canada

Robert Sommers: The Role of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the Early History of Vancouver

Matthew Holme: Roads, Rivers, Rails and Rule – Toronto and its Hinterland, 1750 – 1900

Stephanie Mooney: From 1807 to 1833, Impediments to the Process of Slave Emancipation in the British West Indies


About This Issue

Editor-in-Chief: Tara Williams

Assistant Editor: Matthew Ostrow

Print Layout: Tara Williams

Cover Art: Marc Acherman

Special Thanks to: Marc Acherman, Karl Bahena, Marko Papic, Dr. Allan Smith & the UBC History Students’ Association