Call for Submissions!

We seek high quality papers with substantial historical content for publication in the 2013 edition of The Atlas.

While original research is preferred, we consider all work submitted to us.

Generally, papers chosen for publication are written at the third- or fourth-year level. Lower year level papers should only be submitted if they received exceptional feedback. Please submit only in .doc format (not .docx)!


Not a Writer?

We also want to showcase your artistic talents!

We seek a talented visual artist to design our new cover. If you have designs that are representative of The Atlas or UBC History please submit them in .pdf or .jpeg format, or in hardcopy to the HSA mailbox located in the History Department Office (Buchanan Tower, 12th floor) with your contact information FIRMLY affixed to your submission.

Otherwise, please direct your papers and applications to us online at

We hope to hear from you soon!

– The Atlas Editorial Staff

P.S: We were so excited to announce this news, we made a Facebook Event for it.

[EDIT]: Our deadline has been extended to January 9, 2013 at 11:59pm PST! Visit our Facebook Event page to join the conversation.